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Oferim diferite sisteme de sudura cu laser de la Coherent si Laseral pentru aplicatii precum spot welding, seam welding sau micro welding, atat cu laseri pe fibra, cat si pe dioda.

Sisteme de sudura cu laser

Handheld kW Laser Welding System

The laser portable fiber handheld welding system is compact, ergonomic and easy to use.

Profile Welding Systems (PWS)

Combining a CO₂ or fiber laser with process sensors, precision motion, and control software for fast, accurate, high-quality tube and profile welding.

SLS200 CL Pulsed Laser Welder

Weld with superior production consistency and unmatched power control for precise process optimization, over an extremely large dynamic range.

UW Systems

Versatile turnkey Universal Workstations for precision CNC laser processing of 2D and 3D parts, with a complete choice of nanosecond, USP or fiber laser sources.

MPS Series

Modular and versatile integrated systems for laser welding, cutting, structuring and drilling, as well as for numerous high-precision USP laser-enabled applications.

StarFiber Series

The StarFiber series is designed for easy integration into existing production lines. The combination of high beam quality and SmartWeld supports very small seam geometries at high welding speeds. Fine Cutting head option delivers superior edge quality.

Manual Welding Systems

These systems combine a Nd:YAG or fiber laser, laser-safe work chamber, microscope viewer, easy-to-use interface, and optional rotation or CNC axes into a compact package. They enable spot and seam welds to be produced quickly, at micron level precision, even by inexperienced users


ExactWeld includes a fiber laser (for metals) or a diode laser (for polymers), robotic positioning, user-friendly software, and an optional vision system. It maximizes weld quality, production yields, process consistency, and operator productivity.

ATAK Fiber Lasers

ATAK fiber laser welding system is designed for welding of all types of metals and metal alloys. Its fiber laser technology provides very low service and operating costs. LASERAL is the true choice when you require precise welding in high speed with narrow HAZ (Heat Affected Zone).