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Handheld KW Fiber Laser Welding System

The laser portable fiber handheld welding system is compact, ergonomic and easy to use. The oscillation function allows the beam to be applied evenly in a wide range, effectively closes the gaps in the contact zones and ensures good quality of the weld. The systems offer three different nozzles for different application types and part geometries.

• High beam quality / energy stability 

Low power consumpon,
100 K hours diode lifeme 

Internal water cooling to eliminate
environmental effects
Save %90 of post­process
(grinding, polishing) costs!
Ergonomical and useful handheld torch

• Portable compact design 

• Touch screen parameter control


Stainless steel applicaons in food industry 

Auto body repair and weld processes 

Metal manufacturing applications

Applications where speed and quality of
conventional welders is not enough