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LPY 10J Series

LPY10J - Ultra high Energy Laser
Ultra high Energy Laser - LPY10J uncovered
Ultra high Energy Laser - LPY10J

The LPY10J Ultra High Energy Pulsed Q-switched Nd:YAG Lasers with extended capabilities.

The LPY10J laser systems offer 10J Q-switched output energies from a proven design platform. The self-supporting Invar frame has been utilised in industrial and scientific applications where robustness and stability are paramount.

The modular design lends itself to several standard configurations of laser all using the same underlying laser components. An optional seeder can provide a narrow linewidth output. Optional harmonic generation units can provide output up to the 4th harmonic.

Other options available include automated moving mirrors to select different output wavelengths, energy monitoring and automatic output peaking.

Applications include:

  • Ti:Sa Pumping
  • Laser Shock Peening
  • LIBS
  • Holography
  • Plasma Physics

System Configuration

1. Invar stabilised optical rail using 8 bar self supporting format.
2. Twin rod, birefringence compensating oscillator.
3. Q-switch assembly.
4. Faraday isolator.
5. Motorised attenuator.
6. Twin rod, birefringence compensating pre-amplifier.
7. Twin rod, birefringence compensating amplifier.
8. Beam expanding telescope.
9. Power amplifier stage.
10. Beam switching unit for 1064nm only output.
11. Connections for power supply umbilicals.
12. Laser diode pointer assembly.
13. Laser output port.

Optional accessories

14. Motorised second harmonic generation assembly.
15. Second harmonic separation assembly.
16. Beam dump shutter assembly.
17. Injection seeder assembly.